Which Is a Better Graphics Card?

1) 1GB HD4650 Video Card (HDMI/DVI)
2) GEFORCE 9600GT 1GB Edition

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  1. 4670 if you want any gaming, 4650 if just for using as an HTPC.
  2. How much your budget?
    It will be more easier for us to help u decided a better card if we knew how much u want to spend...
  3. From the 2 cards you suggested the 9600GT is better, but I agree with the rest, give us the budget, monitor resolution and PSU name & wattage for us to give you a better option.
  4. Dragon is right--9600GT is better than either a 4650 or a 4670.

    If you have an average size monitor you shouldnt need a 1 gb card though. You could get a 512mb 9800GT (a step up) for a similar price to that card.
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