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sorry, i'm not sure if i posted it at the right section. i just need some help with this case fan

so basically i bought 2 without thinking and it said "Static pressure is the measure of how well a fan can push air " it means this fan is only good at intake instead of exhausting heat since it pushes a lot of air into the case. if that's the case, i have a HAF 922. where should i put this fans at??

1 more question, somehow it's very hard for me to screw the fan as the rubbery holes is kinda of hard to turn. i can only screw it half-way and only some of the holes i am able to fully tighten it to the case. if so, can i use Lamptron Open Chassis Fan Mounts? is the open chassis fan mounts easy to use??
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  1. double post
  2. I also experience this problem with putting in the screws to my corsair sp and af fans. It is so damn hard to put in the screws. They wiggle out when you screw them in. It's either im doing it wrong or what. I mounted my fans with ZIP TIES. lol

    Im surprised that no one is complaining about this aside from us.
  3. Hi did you figure out how to install the screws? i have the same problem and ended up snapping the corner of the fan off due to frustration.
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