10GB RAM Skulltrail problem

long story short:
I had Skulltrail with 8GB (4x2GB) RAM, one 2GB module died after two years of nonstop work, now I have 10GB (3x2GB + 1x4GB).
The problem is that the new 4GB module doesn't work with all of the other ones.
I works only alone or with one 2GB module thus making an insufficient of total 4GB or 6GB respectively.

Original RAM: 2GB DDR2 800MHz ECC Fully Buffered DIMM CL5 Dual Rank x4
New RAM: KINGSTON 4GB DDR2 800MHz ECC Fully Buffered CL5 Dual Rank x4

I attach a part from the Skulltrail manual. I am not sure if the 4GB module should work or not.

Can anyone advise me?

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  1. The memory is rated at 1.8v. I would try raising the Northbridge voltage one notch and relaxing timings and keeping the memory voltage at 1.8v.
  2. Thanks for your reply, I will try that.
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