My hd4870x2 is getting realy low fps :( Can anyone help?

Hi there I just recently changed Chassis (Thermal Take Shark to Thermaltake Wingo V8000) and installed an Accelero xtreme HD4870x2 Vga cooler on my GFX card.Everything was working fine before I did the change with the exception of my card overheating to 100 Degrees running @ 100% fan speed.

My system spec's are:
Q9550 clocked @ 2.83Ghz
650W Antec Neo power Psu
Western digital 7200rpm 250gb HD
2GB DDR2 800 RAM
Samsung SynMaster P2370 (Rez is 1920x1080)
And my motherboard is Asus P5K

In all my games i get about 20-30 FPS even when putting my graphics all on low , I have updated all my drivers to the latest and still no go on fps changed.Can anyone tell me if i got enough power or is it something else that could have affected my fps changed?(Before the upgrade I used to get over 100 fps in all my games)
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  1. Sounds like overheating card is causing throttling.
  2. Well atm my card is running @ 46 degrees so it cant be heat :( donno what it is i think its power
  3. have you tried going back to your old drivers/updates? checked card connection?

    in my limited experience i found that if a set of drivers/updates worked for your setup, you shouldnt change them! i know that can be difficult always wanting/hoping for that EXTRA little bit of performance.

    i used to have the 4870x2 in quadfire and for example they used to run well on cats 9.2 and 9.8 BUT indifferent or terribly on the rest.

    its a little bit hit and miss.

    good luck.
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