Kick Arse Rig turned unresponsive overnight

Hey guys,

Weird thing happened to me this mornin. When I woke up, I went to turn on my PC (which it did) but I didn't hear a POST beep and the display didn't turn on either. Tried again but to no avail. my specs are as follows:

Asus P5N-D 750i nforce mobo
Intel C2Q Q6600 OC to 3.3ghz
2x Nvidia 8800GT SLI
4x 1GB Kingston DDR2-800 ram
800Watt Gigabyte ODIN GT SLI

So last night it was still working fine! I've been running my 3.3ghz OC since a year (@ 1.245Vcore, 1.38V NB, 1.2V SB). The only two things that have changed lately is that I did a driver sweep last night, but it booted up fine and I installed the latest drivers. Anyway, that should only affect the pc once windows drivers have loaded, but right now I can't even get the machine to POST. The other change was that I OC-ed my GPUs from 600/900 to 720/980 last week. I've had decent temps (CPU @ 55'C full load, GPUs at 68'C/58'C full load) so temps shouldn't really be the problem.

I've tried removing all the RAM sticks and also mixing up the DIMMS. I've reset CMOS/battery. I've unplugged both GPUs and swapped them etc. I've checked the PSU cablinbg and everything is snug. When i turn the PC on, all the fans rev up, the neons turn on, GPU/CPU fans spin up, but other than that, nothing happens.

If anyone has any other suggestions for how I can go on troubleshooting it, I would be much appreciate it.
My plan was to get a GTX470 to replace the 8800GTs and use one of them as a PhysX card, but if I have to replace the mobo I might as well get a newer version and an i7 to go along with it...
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  1. Sounds like something died - the motherboard?
  2. yeah thats exactly the proble....sounds like "something died," which means i don't know what, and i dont have an extra mobo/cpu/psu that I can test everything with. I was hoping some1 could advise me on how to troubleshoot it cause I dread the idea of carying the entire rig that weights about 50lbs to a local service center...
    Oh well, its lookin like that atm :(
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