What to do if PC won't boot after undervolting CPU in AMD Overdrive?

I've reset voltages before in the BIOS, and if the computer wouldn't boot then I would just reset the CMOS, but my current motherboard only has 0.05V increments, so I would rather use software to help with overclocking. What happens if the computer won't boot when the voltages are set with AMD Overdrive? Resetting the CMOS wouldn't help me in this case, right?


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    AMD overdrive won't stop your PC from booting, for me it only sets the clocks when its opened, and you should be able to enter a number into the bios instead of spamming +
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  3. Oh ok, I just thought that if AMD overdrive didn't reset the clocks after a BSOD, I could be in trouble lol. Just wanted to make sure.
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