Help with power supply

my specs are
ph2 945
4GB Ram
built-in vga
1 hdd

i have a power supply
blow storm 500w
25A - 12v
And another one
12A - 12v1
12A - 12v2

which one will work for me? or do i need a different one?
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  1. Blow storm. lol. Don't you mean FSP BlueStorm 500? That's a good yet underrated psu. You're fine with that. Or even 400W for IGP.
  2. I would not say a 400w would be good. I personally prefer having over kill for my PSU because as they age they can't put out as much power. Plus having more then enough power now lets you expand with more stuff in the future. Like a USB 3.0 expansion card, more HDD's, ect.
  3. plug your components in this and let it "do the math" for you.
  4. Ran the specs he gave (with some guess work like 4 gig of what kind of RAM, I guessed DDR3). It gave a number of 237 watts.

    Now as for future expansion, I added another HDD, a (currently) decent video card, and a PCIeX1 card to represent a USB 3.0 upgrade. I also took into account the fact that USB 3 puts more power on it's bus then USB 2 so I up'ed the number of USB devices from 3 to 6. The final output was 319 watts.
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