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Hi there, I've been spending some time trying to get an answer for the sort of PSU that will handle a gtx 260sli set up & while a lot of people state any thing from 600W up to 800ws, I was just wondering if any one can give me any help on what they used. Specs on the rest of the build are,

i7 920
Asus P6T deluxe
6 X 1gb pc 10666
2 X samsung sata HDDs
750W corsair PSU

I've got a few few extra case fans for air flow & the like, but it's not over clocked at all right now & I most likely wont untill it starts to feel older. So has any one done an SLI with the 260s on that sort of PSU with out any problems? I used a power supply calculator that was linked in the pc builds posts on here & it seems to state that I would be safe under a 100% load though I just want too see if any one has done a set up with this size PSU really. I know I could go the ati path for the 58XX cards but really, I've had nothing but issues with ATI cards & drivers in the past I'll skip it even if it does like like a monster ;)
Thanks for any help on this.
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  1. Your 750 Corsair is quite capable of running (2) GTX260's in SLI. When you look at a 600W it has to be a high efficiency, very power, and reliable model. There are 600W PSU's and there are 600W PSU's. A good think to look at is if it has (4) 6-pin PCI-E connectors you are most likely safe, if all other requirements are met.

    PS. I have not had a single issue with my 5870. I have never really had an issue with an ATI card and drivers to tell you the truth. And I've gone threw a few of each ATI and Nvidia cards. Have you considered a 5870?
  2. i completely agree with the tall guy above, your Corsair PSU should be able to handle the 260 SLI, even if there's not enough 6-pin PCI-E connectore, you must have spare molex connectors that you could convert to 6-pin PCI-E with the connectors they usually bundle with the video cards these days.

    Also, +1 for 5870 it may be a better solution for you. you'll see quite an increase from a single 260 to a single 5870.
  3. I believe that PSU has (4) 6+2 PCI-E power connectors. So he is good to go.

    My thought on the (2) GTX260's vs 5870 is if you get the GTX260's you are already running dual cards. At least if you get a 5870 you can always add a 2nd. THe GTX260's have been out a while, and while really good cards they are going to start showing their age much before a 5870. ATI is still fine tuning their drivers and you can expect to see gains with future driver releases. The 260 is pretty much optimized.
  4. Thanks for the help guys, the Corsair web site lists it as having the (4) 6+2's, can only see 3 from a quick look, all good though. Corsair say I need 950 or 1000W PSU from the PSU search on there page. ;) I was really thinking of the 5870 when I did my upgrade but I dont seem to get on with ATI cards, from the 9700 pro up so I'll stick with Nvidia for the time being.
    Cheers again for the help
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