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DIY waterblock for HD7850


First of all I'm sorry for my english.

I've asked my friend to make for me waterblock for Sapphire hd7850. I haven't got card jet. I'm going to buy it for about 2 weeks but I want to have waterblock earlier. I need to know if GPU and memory are on the same level? I mean, have GPU and memory got the same hight? And second thing - could you give me some dimensions I need to know to make this block? For example, what is a spacing between holes in which original cooler is mounted? What is size of GPU? etc.

I really thank anyone who help me and give answer I'm looking for.
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    To make it properly you will most likely need to wait to have the actual card in hand, with a pair of calipers, and take your own measurements.

    You should be able to find some general specs online, but I doubt it will be exactly what you need to make it right.
  2. You'd need an engineering spec in order to be anywhere close, but that likely wouldn't give you anything more than length/width and screw spacing...not necessarily various block milling depths.

    Agree with wolfram on this.
  3. If you're going to make a full cover block, have fun finding a CNC mill and an engineer to replicate the designs.
  4. Sapphire hd7850's PCB is exactly the same in all copies of these cards. I need to know right measurements to make waterblock which will match to the card. Can I get a technical documentation of this card? Is it possible?
  5. I doubt you would for the card- you might be able to find a tech/engineering layout from a block manufacturer on their site...but I wouldn't be surprised if you can't. These companies wouldn't want someone capitalizing on their work efforts by taking their specs and simply punching the numbers into a mill to generate a replica of the blocks they are selling.
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