I5 3570K OC HELP

Hi, I recently made a flight sim build which include the specs below:
i5 3570k quad core processor
Asus p8z77 pro
antec 302 case
Evo 212 fan
Antec HCG 620W Psu
Galaxy MDT GTX 580

My question is what voltage would be safe for overclocking, with the cooler i have. Also what temperatures are safe aswell as what level of an overclock ( ex. 4, 4.5.. )
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  1. There is no way to really pinpoint a safe voltage. However, I can tell you that you'll want to keep it under 1.4 volts. You'll need to watch a few tutorials on youtube first to find a decent range of voltages. Then test each of the voltages in prime 95 until you find stability for a few hours or so. Safe temps are usually in the 65 C and under range. Most people don't like to exceed 70 C on a load. On full load such as in prime95 you'll want to stay under 75 C at the very least. But if I were you I'd still shoot for 65-70 C.
  2. All chips are different, some oc better and some run cooler.

    Under 70C 24/7 use is advisable, 80C for short periods.

    OC is trial and error, just bump everything up slowly and check temps and stability before moving on.

    I would think 4.5ghz should be achievable with your setup.
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