Please help lol

I have a asus p8z68-v-pro/gen3

now i want to install my spare hard drive from my laptop which is brand new as i replaced it with an ssd

i have wiped all data and set up a primary partition then reformatted to ntfs etc

my boot drive is a crucial m4 ssd 64gb which is on sata 6gb/s no.1 top connection
i also have a blue ray drive which is set to sata no.5 3gb/s bottom connection
i have put the spare hard drive on sata no.6 3gb/s bottom connection

now when i boot the computer with out the hard drive it take around 12 seconds to boot to windows, when i plug the spare hard drive in sometimes it boots and somtime it hangs, when it does boot it takes around 5 minites to boot, i have tried the hard drive in another system and its fine, the hard drive is 2 months old

am i missing some setting in the bios

many thanks
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  1. Here's a thought could the boot loader for windows 7 still be on the laptop hard drive?

    Have you tried fixing the master boot record on the spare hard drive?
  2. How about trying swapping SATA ports/cables - just another thought.
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