Asus P6T can not boot from IDE DvD

I have just build 2 new PC's.

Both have Asus P6T Deluxe V2 motherboards and Sata HD, unfortunately I only had 1 Sata DvD Rom and the other was an older IDE Dvd.

The one with all Sata was finished fast and no issues.

I have an issue with the one with the IDE Dvd. When I start it and go to the setup, I see both the WD320 HD and the DVD. I set the boot order but unfornuately I get an error NTLDR is missing "Press Ctrl + Alt+Del to restart"

The HD has no windows on it (was used as a file storage on another PC and worked fine) but the PC will not bootup the windows 7 Professional in the DVd so I can format and install windows on the HD.

Any ideas or should I just go out and by a SATA dvd?
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  1. Easy thing to do would be install the SATA DVD from the other system, install windows than reinstall the IDE drive. After that, you shouldn't have issues.
  2. Or... you could enter BIOS on boot, enable the IDE channel, re-start, enter the BIOS, and change the 1st boot to the newly-recognized DVD.
  3. Will place the SATA DvD on my list but after some checking of many forums and trying lots of suggestions , I found the anwser.

    On the Asus P6T deluxe to book from IDE DvD you need to press F8 on boot up and go to the Marvel IDE boot choice and choose DvD and it works.
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