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Remove hdd bad sectors

Last response: in Storage
November 27, 2011 4:40:35 PM

hello sir,
i am using lenovo g500 laptop and from the last two weeks my system is getting much slower.when i try system diagnosis test i found that my hard disk drive have some back sectors with high damage level. i tried some hard drive maintenance software but couldn't solve the there any way that i can be able to remove those bad sectors or to return the hdd to its factory status.please help.

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November 27, 2011 5:58:49 PM

Back up your files immediately, and keep doing so frequently, until your hard disk is replaced.

You're looking at a hard disk replacement - bad sectors on a hard disk only tend to increase, there's no fixing/repair possible.

Unfortunately, the floods in Thailand means that hard disk prices have increased substantially, and might not be corrected for the next few quarters.

If your storage needs are modest and you've the money, you can consider an SSD. Else, you'll have to pay the premium for a new hard disk.
November 27, 2011 9:32:08 PM

I agree with arunphilip most times I've had this problem it's the hard drive giving up and needs replaced. Also agree about the cascade problem. It may claim there's a bad sector but in fact it's a mechanical read write problem that just gets worse. The good news is that it gives you an opportunity to back up and replace the hard drive.
However, rarely but sometimes the bad sector is in fact where the operating system can't read an important file and this causes it to report a bad sector.
In my experience doing a windows repair isn't always successful and many times I've ended up with the same problem after a repair.
Just in case it's an operating system file problem I'd do a full format of the hard drive and then reinstall windows. Be warned - bad sectors can prevent the operating system from installing.
However, on a number of occasions I've formatted and installed the operating system again and it's solved the problem.
Trouble is even if it goes well you still can;t be sure it's solved the problem. If the problem is mechanical the problem might not show up again for a while - worse still it could fail some time down the road. Still I have done the above and happily used the hard drive for years so you may think it worth a try.