My printer is offline how can I get it online so I can print

How do I get my printer online>
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  1. Turn off printer, turn it back on. Sometimes printers have internal errors which are fixed by powering off and powering back on the unit.

    Or find the printer, right click it, and select "use online".
  2. Thank you for responding, but neither worked. I have tried everything. GRrrrrrrrr!
  3. Does it show up in Control Panel or Printers and Faxes? Is it set as the default printer?

    What is the model?
  4. Some printers go offline if they run out of paper or they run out of toner / ink etc. Check the printer and make sure that it's 100% ready to go.
  5. It is a brand new printer. Copies fine. The Wi-Fi- button is lit, but still will not print?
  6. oh so now you mention it's wireless. lol.

    Did it come with software to install? Did you install all of it? Usually the software will tell you to press the wifi button when ready to install...
  7. Yes, I installed all of the software, still not online
  8. Quote:
    It is a brand new printer. Copies fine.

    Are you using the computer to send the "copy" command or pressing a copy button on the printer?

    What is the brand/model?
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