Minimum graphics card requirement for full HD playback?

Hi, can anyone tell me what's the minimum graphics card requirement for full HD playback? I don't play any games except starcraft, which runs perfectly well even on my crappy old laptop. I've heard the AMD 785 motherboards have a very decent integrated graphics... (HD4200... Does that mean the performance from this integrated graphics unit is the same with HD4200 graphics card?) Will they play full HD without any problems? Or am I better off with dedicated graphics card?

PS: Is there a difference between a good graphics card and a cheap one when it comes to full HD playback? Or are they all the same past a certain threshold?

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  1. I have a msi 785gm-e65 hooked up to my 720p tv through hdmi... I don't know about 1080p but it handles 720p very well.
  2. take a look here
    and the next page as well for some playback tests. Though the 4200 isnt included there are other low-end dedicated cards
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