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i'm currently building/updating 2 systems and am wondering wether i'd have problems with the ram i have working with memory i already have.

first i already have 4gb(2x2gb) of ddr2 533mhz ram and wonder if it would work as its a lot slower than what the motherboard mentions on its specs, heres the mobo...

second i have GSkill Ripjaw ddr3 1600mhz 4gb ram (2x2gb) and am thinking of getting...
it says that it supports 1600mhz with overclocking, what does this entail? and is there a chance of breaking something?

the reason ive gone for the mobos mentioned is of price and i already have 2 Phenom II x4 955 C3 125w to use in both systems.

any help or answers appreciated
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  1. My biostar board lists 1600 without overclocking. You may want to select a different board that doesn't require you to overclock the cpu to get the full benefit of 1600 ram. When in doubt, I always download the board manual before ordering and check out the bios settings. But it's ok to run the ram at a slower speed if you don't plan on overclocking.
  2. which biostar mobo do you have?
    cant find any that dont have 1600(O.C).

    dont really want to run the ram at a slower speed really as well.
  3. It will run your 1600 fine, you'll just have to go into bios and set it at that speed. Nothing will break unless you overvolt the ram which is specified at 1.5v
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