Video Card Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT

2 Questions please. 1.Is this a dual monitor card? 2.How good is this card?
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  1. 1_It supports Dual monitor
    2_Its a mid-low card for gaming
  2. you should be able to play most games fine on their lowest settings. Perhaps some of the less graphically demading games on medium settings and your resolution set to 1366x768. Of course results will vary per game.
  3. 1) It supports dual monitors
    2) 9500GTs are generally good for the average home or office user. Image quality is good. As for the gaming aspect of it, well that just depends on the games you're trying to play :D. Also, the DDR2 version is slower in games than the DDR3 version.
  4. Well,I'll edit my post,its not a low-end card,its a med-low card,that would be a better statement,since it can handle most games at low resolutions with med-low settings
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