How to flash the bios on startup?

I have a compaq mini 110c-1010EE
it says "can't find serial number" in red color
then it displays the bios info
it has AMI bios (c)2006
05/11/09 Ver:08.00.15
bios ver:308F0F05 EC ver:02.09
it displays "CMOS settings wrong"
then it asks the password witch I know, but it says that the password is wrong
Compaq says that we have to replace the Bios, but I'm sure you know how to fix this problem by flashing or someway else..
I'm thinking of removing the CMOS baterry and wait for a while..if this way works, how much time should I wait..
*** I tried to short the chip but I couldn't recognize it " I want it's datasheet "
and I don't know how..

pleeeeease help
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  1. any help?????
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