Is this fake ???? 5870 ???

guys ima die thinkin about this specs

1. case zalman LQ1000
2. core i7 975 runing @ 4300
3. 6GB crosair pc 16000 runing @ 20000 timing 8-8-8-24
4. asus rampage extreme II
5. psu thermaltake 1200
and i get 30k 3d mark preformance how this happen ???
my older alienware with factory clock
1. alienware case ALX 58 case
2. core i7 965 runing @ 3200
3. 12 gb rams @ 1600
4. 2X 295 GTX
4. p6t motherboard
5. psu thermaltake 1200

and i get 33k 3d mark
any hint or this card fake or what u think i most do please help me out
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  1. ops rams @ 2000 not 20000 sorry
  2. same op system win 7 64bit same updates
  3. that's a useless upgrade you got there man xD

    does it really matter?
    doesn't Nvidia always get better scored at 3d marks?
  4. thats what im looking for is this a fake benchmark or still need time for a better driver since the ati allways have poor drivers comparing to nividia or its fake cards lol so as u can see MWF 2 best benchmark in 295 iono why but thats why im only using alienware cpu still but as a result for this items should deliver super computer thats why i cant get the right answer still if any hint please it may be the solution for me
  5. I would have to say on the synthetic benchs nvidia does seem to be scored higher, and you have to take into acount that you have 4 gpus on your nvidia rig vs 3 on your ati rig. I really have no idea how you can cough up the money for you know like 2200-2400 dollars on just gpus that's pretty crazy lol. You shouldn't worry as time goes on and those drivers develop those scores will continue to rise. But does it matter at that point i'm sure you can pretty much play anything with that kinda of set up
  6. um i think u didnt understand or i didnt
    alienware is another desktop wich im using now all 1st component is the 1 i just finished and gave me 30k only ; ;
    alienware gave me almost 35k and i need hint on this as i see ur comment u should know secret answer tho
  7. Quote:
    "Alienware CPU" and "super computer", I can tell that you do not know much about computing and it shows with this overly exaggerated rig you are putting together and the emphasis you put on 3Dmarks scores also shows that you trying to sound more computer savvy than you are.

    2. core i7 965 runing @ 3200
    3. 12 gb rams @ 1600
    4. 2X 295 GTX

    ^ None of those component choices will help performance much. Seems like a big waste of money.

    You come across as those guys that think if they run three 5870s it will perform 3x faster :lol:.


    To the OP, are your games not playing nicer? Nvdia has released driver updates with the
    purpose of generating higher synthetic benchmarks. its not fake, but a comparison to real world performance is not always subjective.
  8. jonnyboyc i thought same nut @ least should break the 30k easy put in mind that alienware comes as factory standards so have better cpu and also OC will deliver decent boost so it should cover masive low gpu scores and better scaling on 3 gpus comparing it to quad ; ;
  9. Exactly which version of 3dmark are we talking here??
    Try vantage on the extreme preset on both systems...

    edit it's funny you have money to waste but still can't make proper sentences...
  10. will do extreme and ill post
  11. With three cards, the Rampage Extreme II operates at x16/x8/x8. With two cards, the P6T operates at x16/x16. Also, the "new" system only has half the RAM of the "old" one.

    I'm not terribly familiar with testing benchmarks at the really high end, but those are two obvious differences between the systems, so I'm less than shocked to see different results.
  12. and u know the 9.12 catalysts were released yesterday, and hotfix today i believe lol
  13. i done in new computer extreme vantage and it was..... 22258......... and about the driver
    i run 9.12 b4 benchmarking about rams ill get it 12 GB
    what im trying to get is if in 1 monitor i get this result and i built it for new multi monitor desplay.
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