I5-2500k Voltages and Temperatures Seem too Good to be True?

Well I brought back my hackintosh a few weeks back, but yesterday I finally decided to insert my Vista drive back in. The purpose now is a 24/7 F@H rig! So I overclocked the 2500K to a nice 4.5ghz, and loaded up F@H to stress test and HWMonitor, CPU-Z and Gigabyte's Easytune 6 to check the temps and voltage.

My 2500K was running @4.5ghz with a voltage of 1.236V!! :ouch: This seemed way too low, but then I checked all of the "major" softwares and found out it was correct.

CPU-Z Validation here:

My load temps across all cores currently are:

These temps are with a hyper 212 EVO.

Am I just lucky or could these be false readings? [:lutfij:2] They just seem too good to be true!!! :heink:
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  1. I would say both the temps and voltage are correct, actually. The temps look like what I would expect with that voltage, so I'd say you're pretty lucky. :)
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