4850 upgrade to gtx 275 @ 1920x1200

I can get a GTX 275 OC for $140. Sell my 4850 1gb for ~$90-100. Would that be a worthwhile upgrade playing Dragon Age Origins + Diablo 3 (when it comes out). Or should I wait, save money and buy a 5850 later.

E8400 @ 3.75
4 gig 800 mhz
Sapphire 4850 1gb
26" 1920x1200
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  1. going from 4850 to 5850 allmost doubles the performance (1.86 times faster), and gtx275 is somewhat smaller 1.57

    though for those two games, I have absolutely no idea how those run on ati or nvidia cards...

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  2. That Chart is sweet. I think, if I can get the GTX 275 for $140 and sell my card for $90 (quick sale), I will pursue that option. For a $40 investment increasing by 50% would be pretty nice.

    I could always sell the GTX 275 in like 8 months and grab the 5850....
  3. that sounds like a plan then :D
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