WD 1.0TB only showing 29MB

I have a 1.0TB Western Digital Hard drive.
Model: WD1002Faex
It is in a Rosewill RX358 V2 External enclosure. For some reason my new hard drive even after initial set up and formatting is only showing that it has 28.9 MB of overall space. I have done everything that i know and can not resolve this problem please help.
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  1. How did you format the drive , FAT 32 or NTFS is there a partition or multiple partitions. If you go into disk management and right click on the external drive you have the option to extend the drive and it should give you an amount of space that is available for it to be extended.
  2. I have formatted the drive as both. I also see the option to extend the drive but only the shrink option is avalible at 29 MB. It says unallocated that my drive is only 29 MB.
  3. This is a very old thread... but i had the same problem and i manage to find a solution.

    I try this freeware tool and the hard drive is back to his 1TB capacity. (instructions here).

    After the procedure if you still see the disk as a 32MB drive, go in "Disk Management" and delete the 32MB partition.
    Simply format the drive creating only one partition and you are ready...
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