Help Before I Purchase: 1st time WC'er

About to be placing my order for my custom loop parts, wanted to get those here and tested before I order the rest of my build. So before I commit to this I was hoping I could get a little input from everyone about the parts, just making sure I have everything I will need. List is as follows...

250 Liquid Fusion Res - Green/Black w/ Green cathode on sale now if anyone is interested, $25 off
Swiftech Apogee HD Black CPU Block
MCP-35x DDC Pump (still not too positive how to mount this, but I'll find a way to make it work
Black Ice SR1 120.3 Radiator (Rad choice is still kinda open, looking for low fpi rads to keep it quiet with aftermarket fans)
PrimoFlex LRT Green 3/8ID x 5/8OD (again first timer so I went with a bit thicker wall because I hear it is less prone to kinks, may be completely wrong tho)
4 x Bitspower Black g1/4 Barb fittings (dont know who makes good/bad barbs so this was a blind guess)
4 x Koolance Barbs w/ clamp (more expensive but they come with clamps)
2 x Bitspower 90* barb
2 x Koolance 90* barbs w/ clamps
1 (2?) Kill Coils (is one enough or should I get two, they are cheap...)
Distilled water

I think that covers everything, I just want to make sure I have everything squared away before placing my orders.

edit- this is all being placed inside a NZXT Switch case if that helps and/or matters at all. Rad mounted top, res mounted behind HDDs, pump below the res
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  1. your build looks fine what makes them good or bad is if they stand up to your pure distilled water without corroding, but if they don't and you do not want to replace them let me know.
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