9600GT Nvidia 1GB 266 Gigabyte or Elite Group?

hi friends
i planning to buy the Graphic Card with these system:

Cpu:8300 Quad 2.5 GH 4MB L2 Cache
MB:GA EP45T_UD3LR DDR3 Support
RAM: 1333 Kingston 2GB

I want to choose the Graphic Card between these two option:

Gigabyte 9600 GT Nvidia DDR3 1GB 256 Bit
Elite Group 9600 GT Nvidia DDR3 1GB 256 Bit

of course that in the same Features the Gigabyte is too much better... but its more expensive than the Elite one, its about 135$ here and the elite is 100$

i want to attentive that how much different together? i want to know if the difference is too little, i buy the elite .

i add this one that iam not gaming ....

Thanks for helping
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  1. 1. Can we have more system specs? What kind of power supply do you have, etc? This isnt one of those slim gateways is it?

    2. Those are not good prices for a 9600gt-- what country are you in? --we can find better deals. Is $100-135 your ideal price? You know that you dont need to spend this much if you arent gaming right? A ~$50 card should be plenty for a non-gamer.

    3. You also want to upgrade the ram to 4gb relatively soon. The graphics card will only help with graphics--and this would help everything.
  2. iam iran my power is 535 Watt Green
    the 960GT is almost so price in this country
    whats the feature of the GTS 250 ?
  3. Good--your power supply is good enough for any of the cards in your price range.

    If you are not using the card for gaming you do not need to invest in one this expensive.

    An AMD 4350 would be enough for just watching videos, and would be available for half as much as a 9600GT.

    If you wanted to do more a 4650 would be more powerful, and a 4670 would be good enough for most games.

    The 9600GT is more powerful than any of those and can run most new games on normal settings.

    The GTS 250 is much more powerful than the 9600GT and is pretty good for gaming at higher settings but costs about 40% more.
  4. Unfortunately Gfx cards are a lot ore expensive in some countries.
    9600GT for 100$ in my country .

    Since you are not gaming you won't need any fancy gfx card.
    You can get as low as HD 4650 or Hd 4670.

    And regarding 9600GTs.Why don't you look for Palit.Their cards are cheap and good quality.
  5. Thanks a lot for all guidance friends ;)
  6. let me see, so If I got a coolermaster 1250 watts real power. means I am consuming 1250 watts per hour, kilowatts per hour. wrong there. the computer with the power supply and everything with it and the monitor lcd is only consuming 180 watts and under heavy gaming 220 230 watts. monitor odd 130. the lcd counts for 50 watts.

    when you do gaming get ready for your computer to pull more power out of the psu. so be carfeull. I blown 2 corsair and antecs 550 and 650. then I upgrade to the cooler master power supply. maybe an over kill but when I go with more then 4 hard drives and dvd burner then maybe I will see the need of this power supply or overclock the pc.

    intel Q9550 2.83 quad core not the Q9550s thou
    4 gig of ram at 1066mhs corsair dominator
    ati diamond 4870 1 gig gdr5
    lg w2453v lcd
    4 gard drives of various sizes.
    Mx revolution keyboard and mouses.

    be very carefull of power supply. ya ya antec and corsair make good psu but if you get a bad batch of psu from them then you are blank....

    so for 100 -125 you can get a good psu. 50 bugs forget it. got with 650 or more and my antec and corsiar where 750
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