Audio drivers for windows xp service pack 2 free download

Hello,i discovered that my pc had shows no audio device when i try to play music please i dont no what to do
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  1. You have to go to you manufacturer site, under Drivers and support, enter your pc model or select it from a list and download the sound card driver and install it.

    If it's a "home made" (as I like to say :D ) computer U need to find what sound card U have and then search for the drivers. Look in system info, or right click my computer>Hardware device manager, you should have an ! mark. Try to update. Or U can look in Start>Run>dxdiag under sound.
  2. i need a sound drive for windows xp service pack 2 - link free download
  3. i need install sound drive vinyll AC97 Audio WAIG for windows xp
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