Motherboard for Phenom x4

Hi, I'm looking for a new motherboard. I'm gonna buy an HD 5770 (or maybe 5830) and a Phenom x4 (945 or 955).
My budget is limited and I can only afford those two cards:
MSI DKA790GX Platinum
Asus m4a785td-v evo

Which one is better? I'm probably gonna do crossfire in future and overclock a bit (not much since I want to leave the stock fans).
There is any other mobo that is better than those two and has both crossfire and supports am3 for the same price?
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  1. Yeah an Asus 790 or 890 mobo is a much better option.
    Can you even buy that MSI mobo retail? it's old.
    The Asus you listed is a good mobo but will not crossfire well it's gimped.16x and 4x
  2. Thanks for your reply. Also I just found this mobo for more or less the same price and it does seem more future proof, am I right?

    Sata3 6gb/s, 2 USB3, Crossfire. What I'm wondering is if is it asrock a good manufacturer and if the bios is good.
    And also this one:
  3. Looks like a good mobo and has all the latest tech.

    Just called a friend who is a head tech at a well known computer store and he says they are good boards.
    I trust his opinion on things so by all means go ahead.
    Good value.
  4. Thanks!
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