6GB showing up as 4GB

I'm sure this is a common issue for you guys to answer... I put 6 GB of ddr3 in my EVGA P55 LE with my i5-750 and windows 7 ultimate 64 bit is only listing 4gb. What do I need to do to get the other 2GB to register? Do I need to buy another stick so that all four dimms are full?
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  1. Wait...you bought 3 sticks for a 4 DIMM board? Make sure it reads only 4GB in something like CPUz or Speccy or something of the like, if not, then troubleshoot the sticks and see if it reads each of them in different combinations. If it does, grabbing another stick wouldn't hurt.
  2. If CPU-Z is not reading 6 GB and you reseated the memory, you may have a bent CPU socket pin.
    Or the heatsink may be on too tight.
  3. Clear the bios by removing the battery.
    Check the memory size again.
    Alternate memory in the sockets.
    Make sure all of it is good and that there is no dead socket.

    Run memtest86+ also and check for errors.
  4. CPU-Z actually reads all 6 GB

    I bought 6GB when i was in the process of buying a X58 board, then newegg screwed up the order so I just got a refund and bought my stuff from TD, and ended up just going with P55, so I ended up with a 6gb kit instead of a 4gb kit. Had I known from the beginning that I was going to be running P55, I would have just bought 4GB, but the plans kind of got screwed up along the way.

    CPU pins are not bent either
  5. If CPU-Z reads 6gb, then I believe the 6gb is working. You can make sure by checking with other programs like Speccy or SysSpec.
  6. Why won't windows recognize the other two GB that I have?

    Also, CPU-Z shows that my memory is running in single channel, how do I get it to run in dual or triple channel?

    (sorry if this is a noobish question)
  7. Windows is a little 'toopid when it comes to reading what your system has. dxdiag should also show 6gb if it's there. Basically, enter the 'run' tool (windows key+R) and type 'dxdiag' and it will show what your system reads.

    It might only show single channel because of tri-stating, which is where your PC runs 3 sticks of RAM so it can't read the channels as full, therefore not showing as dual or triple channel.
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