Asus eah 4770 512mb ddr5 problem

hi friends,
yesterday i bought a new graphic card ati hd 4770(eah- asus) 512mb. everything was fine gaming and all. and my graphics rating given by windows was also 7.2.
but the problem i am facing is while playing video or viewing images they are not clear and depth. in some players they are blur and in some players they are boxed like.
u can observe that in the following pictures.
windows rating index picture

the same above one when zoomed
video song

in vlc

in windows media player
in the above pictures u can observe that all the picture is like boxed when played in vlc
but colors are correct
but coming to windows media player little boxed but the colors are more bright.

except the problem of this playing of videos and pictures the graphic card is perfectly working with all games and etc..

before installing the graphic card everything was fine working with me..
so plzz friends help mee..

thanx in advance..

plzz suggest me....!
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  1. somebody plzzz help..

    y no one is giving reply? just seeing going?

    u didnt hav any idea why it is coming like this...?

    plzz reply something
  2. VLC and WMP use different decoders as far as I'm aware unless you have a codec pack (like CCC) installed. Also, one or the other may or may not take advantage of ATI's Avivo Video features which could be causing a disparity.
  3. then what do u want me to do?
  4. I don't really understand why this is such a problem? Just choose whichever you think looks best.
  5. did u see pics i posted in thread?
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