450w power supply enough for gtx 260


I have a Silverstone 450W PSU and I was wondering if it can support the GTX 260 if I buy one. Im hoping it can coz i cant afford to buy a new power supply atm.

Here is my current setup:
Gigabyte EP43-US3L
Intel 4400 (not OCed)
2 80GB seagate baracuda(IDE)
1 500GB seagate baracuda(SATA)
1 9600 GT XT 680mhz

I also got 3 120mm led fans and 1 200mm led fan(it came w/ the cpu case)

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    IS this the PSU you have?
    If yes then it will run a GTX 260.

    However, GTX 260 is an overpriced card.
    Instead you should get a HD 5770 which performs comparable to 260.

    This card has DX11 and Way low Power consumption!!
  2. thank you for the fast reply!

    anyway, i made a mistake, im running on 400w, the SILVERSTONE ST40F-ES 400W.
    will it still run?

    and yes, ive considered the 260 vs 5770 debate.
    i play games that run physx, so i decided to buy the 260.
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    Yes it will still run but you'll be pushing your PSU to its limits.

    But since you have only 400W PSU I would strongly recommend you a 5770 over a 260 because of the lower power consumption. 5770 will also dissipate lesser heat . And with more mature drivers it will perform better.
  4. What is the downside of pushing my PSU to the limit?
    If it break how will it affect the rest of my PC?

    The games I play are: COD4:MW, COD4:MW2, Devil May Cry 4.
    Is the 5770 Gonna be able to run these games on par w/ the 260?

    I think I will go w/ the 5770 since Ill be saving a lot by not needing a new PSU. But I would still really love to hear the answers to the questions above.

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  6. If it runs at its limits its components may be stressed. It might generate more heat thus reducing its lifespan.

    Moreover PSU are most efficient at 50-60% load.

    If it breaks there are very less chances it will take other components with it cuz its a quality PSU.

    Here's a review of HD 5770 that compares it with GTX 260.,2446.html

    5770 can easily max out those games you mentioned.

    But as I said earlier...
    Both cards will run fine with your PSU.
  7. thank you very much!

    btw, im still torn betwen 5770 and 260 T_T
    ill think about it and buy later next week :)
  8. What monitor do you have?

    Search Google 'GTX 260 vs HD5770' and you'll have number of threads regarding the same topic.

    See these:
  9. CMV 948D
    AOC 913FW

    i only use 1 when i play... but i use two when i study.
  10. Ive finally decided to go w/ the 5770. Im buying the XFX one
    This is my first time i use a non-nvdia card, hope i wont be disappointed. :)

    Btw, the one im buying looks like the 5750, and not the 'batmobile look'
    Is there a difference between these models?

    Thnx a lot for your help, till next time :D
  11. First one seems to have a bigger fan so probably it will run on lower RPM and produce lesser noise.

    Both looks good to me :)

    All the best... Enjoy Gaming bro
  12. The 260 is about 10% faster than the 5770 on average in DX9/10 games and both fare well at resolutions up to 1920 x 1200. The 260 does not support DX11 ... the 5770 can do Dx11 up to about 1650 x 1050 resolution

    The 260 pulls 119 watts

    See if your pus can handle it by using this calculator to 'do the math" for you
  13. I want the batmobile look, but they dont sell em here anymore T_T

    For the 5770:
    Recommended Minimum PSU Wattage: * 377W

    For the 260
    Recommended Minimum PSU Wattage: * 424W

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