Upgrade my RAM? #2

Hello, I am thinking about upgrading my computers RAM. Here are some system specs.


This is my first and main computer (for gaming, browsing, and word processing) and would like to play Starcraft II, Dragon Age Origins, and Fallout 3 on it with medium-high settings. As it is now, only low settings is possible.

Will upgrading my RAM increase performance?

Should I upgrade my RAM, as in, is it a 20%-40% gain in general performance?


Changing from a 32bit to 64bit OS is not an issue, but money is. Deciphering from the website below, would 4GB or 6GB be a better deal and will the 6GB provide a significant gain over 4GB; as I am willing to get either if it's worth it?


Thanks much in advance everyone!

P.S. This is my first computer, the other post is about my second (and not so great) computer.

EDIT: Hey also, i'm going to make a post in the video/graphics card section for some help on that. I'll link it up when it's there.

EDIT#2: Here it is
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    You will not need more than 4GB of RAM for your uses, so stick with just 4GB (2x2GB) and upgrade to 8GB (4x2GB) of RAM sometime down the road, if needed (only if you make the jump to the 64-bit OS).
  2. Okay great! I'm thinking about spending the extra 40 dollars and getting 6GB and run a 64-bit OS, or would the 4GB 32-bit be better, because I can't afford the 8GB?
  3. It would be better to run 64-bit with 4GB with your setup than 64-bit and 6GB. You are paying extra for RAM that will have no major performance increase for you.

    You would be good even with 4GB on a 32-bit system and run at 3.2/3.5 depending on how things work out.
  4. Oh!! Okay cool.

    Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate you and the entire TomsHardware community!
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