Intel Core i7-860 vs AMD X4 920 (AM2+)

I have an AMD X4 920 (AM2+ CPU @ 3.3Ghz) and I am thinking of upgrading to the Intel i7-860. My question is if I were to get the CPU, how much difference in performance would I get vs my OC'd AMD CPU?

I also plan on OCing the i7-860, but I need a rough percentage of how much I would get using the interested CPU.

Another question would be my computer coming from a DDR2 800Mhz memory and moving onto a 1600Mhz memory module(s). In respect, I know the performance wouldn't double, but does it even make a difference?

I'm somewhat new so please don't hate me :).
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  1. 1. You CPU is good enough unless there are 2x HD5850 or better card in your PC. Hence, don't waste your money and stay with it.

    2. You won't see any difference between DDR2 800 and DDR3 1600 in 99% applications.
  2. Have a read at...

    Note: 920 is potentially a downclocked 965
  3. As far as a actual percentage I can not help you. What you should do is look around for benchmarks of the apps that you use your machine for. You should use the AMD 955/965 as your reference chip. Since your current clock lands right in the middle of the clocks of the 955 and 965.

    I do not think its worth it to switch. Well let me rephrase that. I know it is not worth the money to switch. For the switch you would need to get the cpu of course. Plus a new board/DDR3 ram. No way in the world would I do it.
  4. I wouldn't do it, your not going to see a large gain in performance.
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