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OK, so I finally built my first system (specs posted below) and when I push the Power button the system starts up for a few seconds and then turns off. I have read the sticky about things to check before posting for advice and I went down the list but cannot still for the life of me figure out what the problem is (though I will admit that I am a Noob at this). I've checked all connections, tried different electrical sockets to start up from, etc.

The only other tidbits of information that others may find useful is that (1.) after I plug the computer in there is a single blue light on the motherboard, so I dont know if that indicates issues elswhere as they're are no other lights and (2.) when I hit the power button and the computer comes to life for a few seconds all the fans seem to function fine except for the ones on the CPU cooler. Also, the LED lights on the case light up as well.

My System:

Cooler Master HAF 932 Case
Intel Core i7 920 CPU
Artic Silver 5 Thermal Compound
Cooler Master Intel Core i7 Compatible Hyper N CPU Cooler
EVGA E758 X58 Motherboard
Sapphire Radeon HD 5770
OCZ Gold 6BG DDR3 1600 RAM
Rosewill Xtreme Series 950W PSU

I greatly appreciate any and all assistance!!!!

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  1. it sounds to me like a CPU/ PSU problem here is why. first when you turn a computer on the processor on the motherboard (north/southbridge) begin running through a basic list of commands which your system sounds like it starts to do. however, when it finally hands over processing to the CPU it lacks the power to fully power up.

    a few things here: first if the CPU was bad it wouldn't post at all so that should be fine. then there is the PSU and my guess here is one of two things. either you have forgotten the 8 pin power connection behind the massive cooler(with the CPU socket facing up look to the left behind the EVGA metal piece there will be a white/clear input there for power) or if you have that connected then i would guess your PSUs 8 pin power line is dead some how. here is a note for system building PSU may not seem as important but it has a nasty habit of taking other things with it when it dies. so make sure to get a quality PSU and Rosewill tends to offer the Budget side of PSUs.

    i am not sure if this is the problem. as with most computer repairs it is tough to be 100% off of someone else's observations. but give this a try and see if it fixes your problem and good luck!
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