Can the Samsung 830 series MZ-7PC064D/AM be used in a notebook?

So I just bought this:

Samsung Electronics 64 GB SATA 6.0 Gb-s 2.5-Inch 830 Series Solid State Drive with Desktop Kit and Batman Arkham City MZ-7PC064D/AM

It was one of the Black Friday deals so I got it for $90, plus, it coming with Arkham City was a bit of an incentive. The only thing is, it says its intended for desktops and has the desktop kit but I want to use it in my notebook (Dell XPS 15). Is there any way I can use this in my notebook successfully without screwing anything up?

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    All SSD's that have the 2.5" form factor can be used in a laptop , it could be that this paticular model comes with an adaptor for use in a desktop and that is not needed for a laptop. I would question the use of a 64gb SSD in a laptop since there is only one slot for a hdd and the one you bought has a fairly small capacity and will fill up quickly. For a laptop to have a SSD it should be at least 240gb so you will have some extra space. The one you have will certianly work in your laptop.
  2. Okay, thanks for the clarity! And you do have a point there... I have an 1TB external harddrive (MyBook) but it would be a pain to be tethered to it. I can't afford to buy an SSD with more space right now so maybe the best thing would be to cancel the order and wait until prices drop. I'm not even going to begin building a desktop until next year, so it would be a bit pointless to get an SSD for it now haha.

    Thanks for the answer, inzone!
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