Is 50C Too Hot for a CPU on 95%- 100% Load?

My processor is a AMD Athlon II X4 620 at stock speeds. I have been rendering some images trough a Google Sketchup photo-realistic rendering plugin. My CoreTemp temps are between 47C and 51C. The cores are on 95% to 100% load.

Good, bad, ugly?


Anyone know of a cheap/quiet cooler that might help out?
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  1. ct1615 said:
    normal temps for that CPU, you are good to go

    is your CPU fan loud?

    No the fan is not loud. I am just a silence freak. All of my case fans are rated below 9 DBA. If I was to get a new cooler, I would like it to be quiet.

    Thanks for the answer.

    Hope this helps you !! and btw temps are fine but i know how noise gets irritating.
    My AMD stock cooler fan runs at 6000 RPM and sounds like a little factory in there
  3. Normal. I get max 54 with e5200 and stock cooler. That is max I recorded.
  4. Ah. Thanks so much for all the links. Wow AMD stock cooler at 6000RPMs? Wow thats a whole 7 times faster than my case fans (800RPMs)
  5. Your stock cooler is doing the job fine.
    Unless you OC you don't need to buy an aftermarket cooler.
  6. 6000rpm? WTF. Intel goes up to 2000 i think. And stays cool.
  7. Yes, the crap 6000 RPM......AMD processors do tend to heat up + i live in a tropical country + AMD stock accessories suck
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