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I have a 5-6 yr old Alienware computer. Approx. a month ago it started having problmes with the mouse. We tried several and found one that would respond. Then about two weeks ago it stopped working all together. It turns on, but nothing shows on the screen. We plugged in another screen still nothing.

During the time it was working we did not receive any error messages or pop ups indicating something was wrong.

I do not know what steps to take to try to fix this. Any ideas??????

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  1. The quick and easy fix would be to fit a USB mouse.
  2. We need much more info such as your hardware.
    No video sounds like a dead gpu.
  3. Like what? PC-72187A (not sure it that is the serial number or what). OP is XP pro. I can’t get onto the computer to get specs. It turns on, fan is going but nothing comes up on screen. We tried several types of mouse’s, including a USB (I know it is not the prob just a symptom), and tried different monitors as well as cables for them. Nothing.

    Another tech stated it sounded like the motherboard.

    Can a dead GPU cause prob. with the mouse? I figured at least a conponet of the graphics system went out just didn't seem to be possible the mouse would be affected by that. It was my bros computer and he mainly used it for gaming.

    Is it an easy fix to replace the graphics card?

    I am obv. not a tech so please anything you say can you state in an "idiots guide to" context. would be great.

    Thank you.

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    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    You problem could be anything from a dead PSU to a bad motherboard.
  5. @ jsc: PSU??? Power Supply Unit?? The PSU if it stands for Power Supply Unit, am I completely an idiot or am I missing something cause IF it was a bad PSU the comp wouldn't turn on period, correct???

    @ davcon: I have to get an adapter to hook another GPU to the comp to see if the other one was bad. If it works then the asumption is that the graphics card went bad.

    Thank you for all of your assistance.

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  7. Thank you JSC, I took a look at the troubleshooting thread. We are going to try to change out the PSU as the fan comes on, but no sound. No beeps..nothing. We hope it is as simple as that. IF that is not the prob. then we will move onto the graphics card, then the motherboard.

    I really appreciate all the assistance from everyone.

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