When are HDD prices going to fall?

These prices are ridiculous, and have been this way for the past month or so. I understand that flooding has affected some areas (such as Western Digital's manufacturing facility), however, what about Seagate's? From what I have heard, Seagate isn't even located in the affected areas, so their price increases aren't really justified.
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  1. I have been noticing the same thing. 3 months ago you could get a WD My Book 3TB for as low as $139, but lately it's more like $300. I sure hope the prices drop again as well.
  2. In a year or two maybe. The flood that hit Thailand I believe... affected production so everything now it's 2-3x more expensive :c
  3. I read an article about china cutting off the supply of earth metals and that is why prices are up for every manufacturer.


    So until they start supplying again buy an SSD! :-P
  4. that was a month cutoff which wouldn't impact harddrives much if at all with production down, and its over now anyway.

    its going to be a year or two. supply is way down due to the flooding. demand is the same. prices go up. on top of that will be the cost of building/repairing the plants and equipment which they will have to make back
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