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Hi, I am looking to get a cheap motherboard for a computer that will be running wondows 7 and mainly internet explorer.

The other use it will have is to play blu-ray disks, as this is all its going to ever do I was looking at one with an intergrated graphics card, I am a gamer myself with a nvidia 790i ultra and as such have never had to look into intergrated video.

Proposed spec
E8400 cpu
Blu-ray reader
400-500w PSU

the other thing it might need to do is stream video to a tv/media box however most boards have built in lan of good quality.

its never going to play 3d games and would be good if it can run windows 7 with all its shiny features but not essetual to the build.

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  1. Why not just grab a cheap graphics card and see about the GA-EP45-UD3L. I have the UD3L and I'm very happy with it. It doesn't have on-chip graphics, but personally, I'd get a card even if it did.
  2. I also have a GA-EP45-UD3L (and a -UD3P). Good solid board and overclocker. Just team it with an inexpensive video card for the HD video work.

    I do not think that the integrated graphics of the G41 is good enough to stream HD video.
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