HD 4890 Underperforming in 3DMark06 SM2.0 Score.

Video Card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125297&Tpk=gigabyte%204890

I decided to make a new thread since the other thread was about the PSU and that was answered. I got a new problem with the new video card I just got. I ran the Windows rating and got a 6.0, when my 9600GT got 6.9, some people said I should ignore that, so I ran the 3DMark06 SM2.0 test, and I got back around 3800-4400 during 3 tests. On the charts here, it shows it should be around 7300. I do see better performance when I play L4D2 compared to my 9600GT but the tests show that its really underperforming. Anyone know why and how can I fix this? Or should I RMA it at newegg.

e6750 @ 3.0GHz
4x1GB DDR2-1066
ATI 4890 1GB DDR5
2x500GB HD
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  1. what's your cpu and ram? mobo?

    detailed specs please, it's probably a bottleneck from your cpu.

    if not then it could be either driver or OS problem, a clean install should fix it
  2. updated with specs, I just rebooted my comp and took the SM2.0 and SM3.0 and got higher this time, but still not near 7300s. I got 6000(2.0) and 7000(3.0), I think I got the latest drivers but still not sure why I'm getting under rated scores.

    I also installed the Gigabyte Drivers from the CD and also from ATI, but didn't uninstall one figuring it will just update the previous version. Should I use Gigabyte drivers or ATI drivers?
  3. there's the problem, uninstall both drivers, boot in safe mode and do a driver clean then install gigabyte's drivers, download the latest ones from their website and install those instead of the ones on the cd, make sure it's Catalyst 9.11, then after all that boot back in normal mode, that should fix it.

    if still having the same problems after all that then reformat and do a clean windows install, that'll fix it
  4. i get this error when trying to install the driver I've downloaded from Gigabyte.com

  5. hmmm... have you done everything else? you did the driver clean after booting in safe mode? you succesfully uninstalled both drivers?

    if you did then try downloading it directly from amd site and install that one.

    if all that fails then the best would be reformat, backup your files and make a clean windows install, if that doesn't fix it then your card is just screwed up.
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