Worth going for ddr2 1066 from 800 when changing motherboard?

Hi everyone,

looks like i am going to buy a new motherboard for my pc
(sound card has some hardware issue and i use this pc for work (voip calls) - so reliability is important)

i am also planning to upgrade to 4 gigs of ram -
currently have a kingston kvr800d2n5 (800mhz cl5)

- is it worth buying two 2GB modules with 1066mhz or just rather adding 3 identical 1gb modules to my existing 800mhz one?
(ill choose a new motherboard that supports 1066 obviously...) but still at the end of the day - would the difference in performance be noticeable?
- i will change the MB next month so currently i'd be running the new 4 gigs on my P5KPL which supports pc6400 ...
as i undestand it would just clock the new ram at this speed and everything would be fine right?

im asking this partly cuz the moterboards that im looking at have 2 ram slots .. only the expensive ones seem to get 4 nowadays
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  1. Getting the 2x2Gb sticks would probably be better, but the speed usually isn't noticable to the average person. If the board and CPU will support the higher speeds though, do it, it's always worth having 'FASTER!' parts I guess.
  2. Yup .. i agree,

    only thing that i worry about is the actual speed increase - like how many % could it be?

    looks like now i have a interesting choice to make until next month -

    should i get myself a motherboard with lga775
    that supports DDR3 and get 4 gigs of those?
    let's say Asus P5G41T-M LX or smth similar...
    or one with ddr2? cuz i hear later ddr3 prices will drop....

    probably in some 6 months or more ill be getting a faster cpu
    which means changing the motherboard again...

    i guess ill be spending some time reading the threads in the forum to figure out what's what,
    in the mean time if you have any advice how to configure this temporary solution,
    or what MB to get - ill appreciate.
  3. The speed increase in %? Uhh, depends entirely on the CPU and board. If I dumped PC-8500 RAM into my PC, i'd probably see an increase between 10-30%, but I overclock this thing, and my PC-6400 RAM is at it's limit.

    Get DDR3, then you can use it later when you upgrade to the i5 or i7 sets, or even AM3 if you want AMD.
  4. Right then, I'm feeling generous today, throw me a list with your current parts and I'll look for decent boards. A budget would also help, as well as your current PSU.
  5. violentlyhappy91 said:
    Right then, I'm feeling generous today, throw me a list with your current parts and I'll look for decent boards. A budget would also help, as well as your current PSU.

    Asus P5KPL
    Core 2 Duo E6600 conroe @ 2.40ghz, 65nm, FSB 1066, 4MB
    Zalman CNPS9500 AT cpu cooler
    2x 1GB kingston pc2-6400 cl5 5 - 5 - 5 - 18 - 23 1.8V
    Asus geforce 9800GT 512mb
    PSU: 400w FSP Group INC / fortron ATX-400PNF

    well the budget goes like this - ill just take whatever board has all that i need and is from a decent manufacturer,
    and from that point ill just choose the cheapest - because it will be temporary so i don't need anything else
    than support for my cpu. a single pci express slot, and a soundcard, my hard drive is sata but dvd drive runs on the regular old cable
    (hope that makes sense)
    or of course if i can do some minor overclock with that setup i'd pay a few bucks extra
    (minor means one crash is one too many)
    I live in Latvia and here electronics cost a bit more than in "western" countries,
    let's say Asus P5G41T-M LE - about 85 usd ( on newegg 54.99)
    but still prices are more or less "proportional"

    EDIT: size of mb don't matter - case is regular atx tower,
    also im a intel man so the future cpu would be smth powerful from intel - and if we can figure out a good way with ddr3 already - i'd look for
    a good set of ram that will be good together with the future cpu
  6. The Gigabyte GA-EP41T-UD3L is a pretty good board if that's all your system is at the moment. It's DDR3 only, so getting a good set of G-Skill or OCZ DDR3 RAM would be a good investment with it. It'll support you card, IDE optical drive, and your SATA hard drive, and it's a Gigabyte board, which I find overclocking to be a breeze with.
    It also has extra copper in the board, so overclocking becomes even easier.

    I have used the EP41T-UD3L in my ex's PC, and it's quite a stable board.
  7. it looks pretty good - i will def consider it for the purchase...
    i really like the asus boards but ever since my Azalia hd audio got screwed up i'll try to stick to one of em' "solid japanese capacitors" :D
    i also have good memories with gigabyte boards - my first pc had one and it was overclocking my old celeron like a charm...
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