How to remove Windows XP and install Ubuntu?

i had a taste to Ubuntu a week ago on my Windows 7 computer. I liked it, and i wanted to install it. I didn't want to install it on my WIN7 computer since i just got it months ago, so i decided to install it on my old Windows XP computer. My Windows XP computer is old, therefore i didn't want both XP and Ubuntu. I am going to remove Windows XP and use Ubuntu as my pernament OS, but i cannot find a way to remove XP.

Can anyone tell me how to remove Windows XP and install Ubuntu as a pernament OS, without a CD or USB stick?
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  1. simply boot off of an Ubuntu USB or LiveCD. during the installation choose the first option that says to use the entire disk and it will wipe your drive and in the process get rid of windows.

    Ubuntu and Fedora are operating systems based on the Linux kernel. There are many operating systems that use the Linux kernel (sometimes these are called "Linux distros"). I recommend either Fedora 17 or Ubuntu 12.04.

    How to install Ubuntu 12.04

    How to install Fedora 17
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