60 000 + errors after only 10 minutes of Memtest

Initially I thought that the problem was my video card because every game that I opened would crash after about ten minutes. But after a post in the Graphix Card forum on this site, many people suggested that the problem sounded like unstable memory, and that I do the memtest from memtest.org. I did that and I got 60 k errors after 10 minutes.

I checked and double checked, the ram is definitely configured properly in the bios. But it just doesnt sound like a ram error to me.. because my other apps dont crash at all. Wouldn't firefox crash, or even windows 7 crash if the ram was the problem? not just games? anyways..

I was wondering if that definitely means that my ram is actually BAD, rather than some configuration mistake that I missed. There were many options to configure in the BIOS of my memory, most of which I didn't understand so I left them all on auto. But I manually configured it to 8-8-8-21, and 1.5v which is what it needs.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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  1. Wait...60k errors in 10 minutes?...dude, that ***'s dead as dead can be, it shouldn't be working.
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