Windows 7 will not perform a backup

My friend had a constant problem with her computer, after about 6 hours of BS, I diagnosed a bad memory stick and sent it back. The computer is running perfectly now on only 1 stick of ram. However it won't perform a simple backup.

I even installed a brand new sata 500gb hdd cause her little 80GB ide wasn't gonna cut it.

It will not back-up. It get's right to the end (around 40gb) and then fails. It says:

"Windows back-up failed while trying to read from the shadow copy on one of the volumes being backed up. Please check event log for any relevant errors".

I'm trying to backup C drive obviously. The backup drive is E.

I've tried formatting E, checking C and E for errors, even tried to do a Windows repair and even restored to a earlier date, etc. I don't know why it won't finish and I don't know where in event log the information pertaining to the error can be found or if it's even relevent.

I'm not very proficient with Windows 7, although I did build the computer in question. I use Vista and have never had a problem performing regular backups. The only thing that causes me concern is this F:\System Reserved that's created with Windows 7. Could that be the problem?

At this point I'm considering telling her I'm going to have to do a fresh Windows install because I can't understand what the problem is.

Any ideas?

Asus G41 s775
Wolfdale Celeron E3200
2gb Crucial DDR2-800
500gb Samsung F3 (c)
500gb WD blue (e)
Cheap CM case and psu.
Windows 7 64bit
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  1. All Windows updates are up to date.

    MSE and Malwarebytes are up to date and recently scanned clean. Although, they were way out of date when I started working on the computer.

    However, during the backup attempts, I get a MSE virus warning. I clean and delete it but it keeps coming back up during every single backup attempt.

    It does not come up any other time except during the backup.
  2. Strange problem.

    Was this install a fresh install, or was it some kind of upgrade?

    First I would make sure volume shadow copy is disabled. Start > Msconfig.msc

    Find "Volume Shadow copy" and make sure it's disabled (to test out).

    Edit: If VSS is already disabled - try enabling it (to test out). If either option doesn't work whether disabled or enabled, just leave VSS enabled.

    Also make sure "Windows Backup" is set to automatic. As well as "Remote Procedure Call".

    As for the virus warning, did it mention what it was?

    One more thing, can you try a back up with your A/V and MSE disabled? As well as any third party software that may be running? I know this isn't safe...but you can always disconnect the wireless or lan to try this out.
  3. Try do a disk cleanup on both drive and try backup again.
  4. It was a fresh install about 6 months ago. Windows backup is set to automatic.

    I see no reason to try to backup with MSE and MWB disabled, as I run backups no problem with both of them running and also this computer did as well at some point so I don't see that to be the problem.

    I have done disk cleanup on C and regular defrag monthly. I also mentioned that I scanned both drives for errors. E is brand new and has been formatted.

    I'll try some of your suggestions Chainzsaw when I get a chance to use the computer again. I'm not familiar with VSS and when I looked in the event log the other day I couldn't find any mention of VSS anywhere.

    This is bizarre.
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