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Im running at intel 2500k on a MSI z68a-GD65(g3). I just overclocked to 4ghz and im just curious if 1.17 volts is alright for a 2500k at 4ghz.

Ive tested it and its completely stable and it runs battlefield 3 at around 55 to 60 C.

just curious on what you guys think?
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  1. Aslong as it is stable its fine, just don't go above 1.5 as thats intels max specced voltage. Most people don't like going over 1.4~1.45
  2. what did you test it with?
  3. I originally test with Prime 95
  4. What cooler are you using? that seems excessively high for such low volts.
  5. im using a hyper 212+, I also live in Arizona so its pretty hot here
  6. Ah, yeah I live in vegas, on an average summer day it can get up to 110 degrees :(
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