LGA1366 vs. LGA1156 Motherboard options and prices

I'm looking to put together a new machine build. I've grown tired of putting money into a machine 6 years old.

A few things to bare in mind, I'm in Canada and am not looking to blow the roof off price wise. I do have a budget in mind. Say around $1100 Canadian. I don't bother to overclock much if anything and I don't need to maximize every piece of hardware to it's capacity.

I've been looking mainly online at NewEgg Canada and NCIX

I am looking to build something to last and with some expandability tot he future.

I want an i7 Processor, that much I know.

I just don't know whether to go with a LGA1366 configuration or a LGA1156. When it comes to a motherboard, there are a lot more options and variables then when selecting a processor (especially if you know you want Intel). I've sort of hit a brick wall at the moment in my build.

The issue is, for LGA1156 motherboards, there seem to be more options and at lower prices. Even some of the higher end motherboards with that socket, are comparable to the lower priced LGA1366 motherboards. If I get a LGA1366 motherboard, I don't really want to go for the cheapest board, so the price goes up considerably most likely there.

What has also thrown me, is that the i7-860 and the i7-920 seem to be around the same price here.

Then there's also the issue of triple-channel vs. dual-channel memory and whether it's worth it for the extra money.

If I get a dual channel, down the line am I going to be disappointed I didn't get in on the triple channel bandwagon? If I get a dual channel architecture motherboard with 16 GB of memory max (which I won't fill to capacity now of course), am I really going to be missing out over say something that has even 8 slots and can go higher, or is that still way down the line you'd ever need that much?

Also, with a dual-channel architecture, is it possible to use only 3-slots, say with 6GB of RAM and then add the last module of memory down the line?

Any help is appreciated. Anything to sway me one way or the other.
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    Reasons to buy 1366...more than one graphics card, you think you'll upgrade to the 6 core processors when they are available, you have programs that can actually use 12gb of memory.
    Reasons to buy 1156...price, and you don't have a reason listed above to buy a 1366.
  2. For an $1100 build no x58 setup will beat a solid p55 i5-750 setup... you will get alot more bang for your buck at this budget with p55
  3. How do you plan to use your new computer?

  4. Thanks guys, I think I was over thinking the whole thing really.

    I'm gonna go with a p55 build.
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