Buffalo External Hard drive problem

today i was copying some files and i accidentally knocked the cord out (silly me) and now when i insert the device it wont come up in my computer, but it will come up in device manager and i cannot get it formatted or anything? anyone got a solution? i really need this hard drive to be working.

BTW, the model is HD CEU2 (the 1TB)
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  1. Does your drive show under Disk Management and has a drive letter assigned (like D: or E: or F: )
    Right Click on Computer >> Manage >> Disk Management
  2. no, it does not
  3. First thing: Try connecting this HDD to some other computer. If that doesn't help then try this http://partedmagic.com/doku.php
    This is a Linux based OS and can be run from CD (no install required)
    Sometimes, HDDs do not appear in Windows but they come up in Linux.
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