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Hello there. My problem is that on Frontlines Fuel Of War i want to be able to fully disable Verticle syncronising completely because my graphics card isn't powerful enough to be able sacrifice FPS to have it locked at 60; i must have it without sync on because it peforms better. My graphics card is an XFX GTS 250 512mb and i play with a 1280 x 1024 native resolution on 19inch monitor. On Frontlines it has the option "maximise framerate". When this option is off, the FPS on the game is synced to 60 FPS max. When i turn maximise framerate on, the maximum framerate goes up to 64 FPS max. I know that my graphics card has the potential to play this game much above this framerate and play it like i do with COD 4 getting around 80 FPS average with aa and af enabled. I have been trying to search in the game directory for any "ini" files or data files to edit as i have done this in the past for other games to edit their settings. But have been unable to find anything about this maximum framerate limit. Concerning NVIDIA control panel, even when i enable "force verticle syncronising off" the game still plays with a 64 FPS max, this is not good at all as my graphics card as i have just said is not good enough to play this more recent game stuck at 60, it needs to be set free in order to reach it's full potential. So that in times of graphical intense moments, it will decrease from numbers above 60, and I might get at times 49 FPS rather than 38 FPS. Maybe if anyone else has this game, they could suggest what i could do about it. Also i am wanting to play it with 4 aa and 4 af, which i play COD4 on and all my other games with the same specifications as Frontlines and i get smashing framerates still. (I play it with multisampling aa enabled so there is not that much a reduction in FPS compared to if i were to put on supersampling)
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  1. What are the rest of your specs, you may have a CPU bottleneck that is restricting you to 64FPS.
  2. No you don't get it. Silly. The game is restricting it to 64 FPS maximum. Put it this way, when i play COD4 on max settings with aa and af enabled i'm getting about 100 FPS sometimes, and sometimes i get 75 average. Do you know what verticle syncronising is? Shall i explain to you? Verticle syncronising is to try to combat the tearing of images that occurs at higher framerates above your screen's refresh rate. So it locks the maximum frame rate to 60. In this case "Maximise framerate" on Frontlines is also a piss take; it has added 4 more FPS to 60 where it should set my graphics card free to expand over 60 and above 70 frames per second. This sucks because when there are graphical intense moments the framrate decreases bellow 60 whereas if i had sync off it would decrease bellow 70 or 80 which it's average is at. My cpu is an AMD Phenom ii 720 and is overclocked to 3.2ghz and i have 4gb of 800mhz ddr2 ram. No bottleneck here. Frontlines does not have any much better graphics as COD4 as i have mentioned both games have more or less the same system requirements including graphics requirements. I think frontlines came out during the same time COD4 did.
  3. i don't see how my cpu is a bottleneck where i have said that i'm getting these sorts of framerates on COD4, if my cpu was a bottleneck my computer would perform equalily as poorly on COD4 as it does on Frontlines.
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