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Hey Everyone,

I bought a coupe of SSDs this past weekend and was hoping for some input about how to use them. One hard drive is an intel 120G 320 and the other is a Kingston 64GB V100.

I was thinking about using the Intel SSD as a stand alone drive for my laptop and use the Kingston one as an SSD cache for my desktop. Would you guys and gals do the same? Also, what is the application (i.e. Office, Photoshop) performance of an SSD cache vs if I just used a traditional hard drive? I know it won't be as fast as if I was just using the SSD as a stand alone drive but would the performance be appreciable versus if I was just using a mechanical drive? Also, will I have to do a clean format of the mechanical drive before using the SSD as a cache?

Any input would be appreciated.
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    here are some tests done by ASUS posted on youtube on there x79 board the numbers are numbing as you will see heres the link
  2. poppasmurf - thank you!!!
  3. bumfromjersey said:
    poppasmurf - thank you!!!

    Your welcome
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