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Monitor Problem

Last response: in Systems
December 19, 2009 10:36:38 PM

Ok i have a computer im building and i have sucessfullly built it and it will turn on and stay on as long as i want but i when i try to plug in the monitor cord to the computer tower it doesn't show anything on the screen. In fact none of my usbs or anything on the back panel have power or the usbs on the front of my case. I think i have all the cords pluged in but im not sure. I dont know for sure where some of the cords go. From what i've read in the manuels it seems that it is almost imposible to plug the wrong cord in the wrong spot but idk. There are about 3 cords im not sure of. one says AC'97 and is attached to another cord HD AUDIO idk which to plug in but know which spot to put it in. there is another that just says 1394 and has a usb config. but also has a crap load of little single cords for one pronge a peice. the last is a strange white plug the has 4 pronge recipricle but i cant find anything that fits it. it is attached to one of the battery supply cords. PLEASEEE HELP I will greatly apreciate any help you can give me i really want to get the computer finished so i can use it.=} If you need more info like parts names or anything just tell me i still have all the boxes. If it helps any my computer case is a NZXT Apollo black.

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December 22, 2009 10:58:26 PM

well first off it would be nice to know what motherboard you have that would help people to be able to tell you where to plug stuff in.

Next, your AC'97 cord should be your front audio cable. it will probably be white and have 2 rows of 4 or 5 pins with a few missing. there should be a place on the board where the pins are sticking up and somewhere around it it will say front audio or HD audio. (this is where knowing what Motherboard you have would help)

the 1394 is another port. it is commonly used with video cams. there should be a group of pin headers on the board that say 1394. ok that is where it will go.

the strange 4 prong white plug sounds like fan speed regulator. what this does is determine how fast all the fans need to spin in order to keep the system cool. however, many motherboards don't have a 4 pin header. instead you just use a 3 pin header on the motherboard. the forth pin head is used to send data to the OS but is unnecessary as the third pin already monitors the temperatures.

what would be most helpful is the have some pictures of the connectors you are confused about and a complete list of your system specs.

in the meantime hope this helps and good luck!