I have no sound on my computer. I have reinstalled the audio driver from my computer's manufacturer (Lenovo M55-8808-BB5 PC) and I've also installed the KB888111xpsp2.exe which is the other file I needed for the fix. After installing and rebooting, the audio still does not work. A box comes up asking to install some more software (Microsoft UAA Function Driver for High Definition Audio- Adi 1983 ( the adi im assuming is the audio driver i installed from lenovo because the file was called adi sound driver)) and it goes through the installation and comes back and says "Please insert compact disk labeled "UAA function driver for high definition audio". I dont have that disk, and Im not sure what to do next. HELP
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  1. Have you installed Service Pack 3?
  2. No i have not, how do i go about doing that?
  3. Run Windows Update and choose the Express option.
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