How to use laptop to read data from HDD of a dead desktop

My desktop fail to reboot and i am not sure why.
I want to retrieve data on its sata HDD using my laptop. How to make the connection. My laptop has usb,esata slots.
Thanks very much!

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  1. I hope you are capable of taking the HDD out. If so, all you need now is a sata to usb connector. Check out Amazon. Very inexpensive. You can even use the HDD as an external HDD and use it when needed.

    Just do a search for SATA 3.5hdd enclosure
  2. hi Rick,
    Thanks. Do i need to use old desktop to power on the HDD or the USB-SATA connector will power it for me?

  3. If you grab one of those external HDD enclosures ($15), they come with a power supply. You just insert the hdd into the enclosure, plug up the power and usb. That's it. Now you can carry the hdd where ever you take the laptop.
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